All scoops are not equal: Linking back to the source that broke the news

At Boing Boing: MG Siegler complains that the Wall Street Journalfailed to credit him when covering a story he earlier scooped at TechCrunch: Apple Acquires Chomp. The Wall Street Journal Is Fucking Bullshit Earlier today, I broke some news. I don’t typically do this anymore given my new job. But from time to time this will happen. But if […]

Question for Jarvis: How will we pay for NYT’s Foxconn coverage?

Chinese manufacturing giant Foxconn claims to be raising its wages and cutting overtime, and it seems fair to attribute at least some of that to NYT’s excellent coverage of Apple’s manufacturing there, which put some pressure on them. Elsewhere on the internet Jeff Jarvis explains why he insists that news become profitable, rather than relying on […]

Gizmodo’s take on objectivity is regrettable

I’ve got plenty of complaints regarding the sort of he-said-she-said faux objectivity that has overwhelmed much of the traditional media, and I’ve written as much here on the blog. It’s Jay Rosen’s “quest for innocence” – the desire to be blameless that drives impartiality off the deep end to the point where it hurts readers. […]

Politifact’s news analysis

On January 16th Mitt Romney tweeted this wildly unfair claim: “More Americans have lost their jobs under Barack Obama than any president in modern history.” Note that I said “wildly unfair” rather than “wrong.” This statement is technically true, but the obvious implication against Obama is ridiculous. If only some organization were around to say so… […]

American manufacturing, “flexibility”, and labor costs

This is a bit outside the normal scope of the blog, but I’ve been shocked to see the point not be made elsewhere. You may have seen the excellent NYT article from a couple weeks back “How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work.” It’s a terrific piece of journalism but with one major error. […]